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I was livid when I read the article. I went full retarded.

Do these assholes not know WHY muslims don't like pictures of Muhammad? _To prevent idolatry, you fucks!_ If one was to see a depicted single feature, a single image or a meme to Muhammad, one would risk you associating THAT certain image to him, thus potentially leading one astray.

It isn
't in our capacity to judge a non-muslims who draws a picture of him, especially if said pictures were neutral, and especially IN SOMEONE ELSE'S COUNTRY! When a muslim lives under a foreign country they're signing a covenant with said country and in accordance to Sharia, they must follow the civil and criminal laws!

To think, we live in a moment in time where "drawing Muhammad" is a known HEALTH RISK... _holy fucking shit._ There was a time in islamic cities where ppl would make images of Muhammad out of LOVE for him and at worst they would get scolded and their works unpublished. Now it's a health risk--this is stupid.
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