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In reality the mama is actually a woman who had lost her husband during the war and had to make sacrifices to survive. At first it was selling stuff to pawn shops and later she sold her body out, but it wasn’t enough. One day a customer came and offer her money to last her a week if they get to sleep with not her but one of their children. Since then she tried to block out the horrid sound by deluding herself that they’re just monkeys jumping on the beds to hide the truth of the scars that were on them.
Just Wayne
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Fluttershy - For supporting the site
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Shut up Cartman!
I give most inanimate objects I own names, especially electronics. My phone is called Celly, computer is Chloe, air conditioner is Nora, electric fan is Fanny, and my Nintendo Switch is called Switchy. Obviously not all names are creative.
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