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Broken Ball of 💽TM21
“So you just put this down;
thunk, Spirit Lantern
and if it changes color, we know what we’re dealing with.”
“What do the colors mean?”
“Green is a nature spirit; pain to deal with, but usually pretty simple. Red is something angry. Yellow usually means children. Purple tends to be a mix of influences. Black is a demon; rare, but it happens. I got a Pink once, but I don’t recall ever properly resolving it.”
“What if it goes out?”
“Then i give you your money back and leave you to your fate.”
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Tensa Zangetsu
Ample Time’s on break again this week (and right when Black Clover came back as well), but we do have a sneek peek at the next page.
If your curious as to what Amethyst said to warrant this much attention, you’re always free to contribute to the artist’s Patreon! $1 a month allows you to access the comic pages a week before they’re released to the public (better than using it to buy Crack at least).
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