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Neither mineral is dangerous per se, unless it’s very high levels of manganese or it’s certain manganese compounds.
Do note that “very high” levels varies depending on the substance. And levels of manganese high enough to cause neurological damage is not as high as you’d expect.
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I should mention that I learn what the specks are from a Google search. I don’t know if our goverment or plant said anything about it.
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@Lord WyrmSpawN
I wouldn’t know about Whataburger’s quality. The closest thing we have in Utah is In-N-Out.
Speaking of In-N-Out, they ought to change the name to “In-4-20-Minutes” or something like that, because there’s always a big long line that you’re always on for 20 or more minutes (at least around here.) In-N-Out, my ass!
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