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Oh look, more Sabrina came out today (?) as well.
Huh, I feel like I’ve posted more today than I have over the past couple of weeks.
Well, you are just toys. If Hasbro can’t be bothered to add decent paint onto $20 Marvel figures, what makes you think they’ll make a transformable boat that actually floats?
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Time to get spooky
I recently remembered an old MLP audiobook I listen to during the early years of me joining the fandom, which ended in this with the big bad god boss:
“You can’t defeat me because I’m a god and the first living thing!”
“If you were the first thing made, than who was there to call you a god?”
“Sweet Celestia, you’re right!” Shrivels up and dies
It’s kind of hilarious when you think about it. Why would a god care about mortal’s idea of what makes a god? They’re literally a god. Even Abrahamic had an answer to that with God going “If I actually needed worshipers, I would just make the rocks sing my praises.”
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Sweet F.A.
Nice pure friend to the main character who represents the goodness and innocence of the world. It sure would be a shame if they were to tragically die to create symbolism.
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