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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

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Since we’re doing rather different poems, here’s one I remember finding on the internet about a decade agio
There was a young vampire named Mabel.
Whose periods were really quite stable
At every full moon she pulled out a spoon
And drank herself under the table.

Today is 12-2-21 (December 2, 2021).
This is the only day in any of our lives (or in the lives of almost anyone alive today) that we can unironically write or type this date out as if that day really was today, because it really IS today.
We will most likely never again have the chance to experience this interesting albeit basically insignificant moment in our lives, even though it is just a fun fact, in all seriousness, rather than a genuinely important event.
Just wanted to point this out for fun.
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Ah, I see.
So I guess we still don’t know about that for sure.
I always suspected Shino in particular left because he didn’t agree with the direction he believed Derpibooru’s rules and morals were headed.
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