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Have a day
I preordered the recent D&D book Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. Glad to see Draconians again. I missed those abominations, even if they are significantly different compared to the Dragonlance versions.
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Hollow and Cold
One CYOA i have is something I’ve nicknamed JRPG Traitor.
In a fantasy setting that would pass very easily as a square enix product, you are one of 6 heroes branded by the gods to defeat the Overlord whom they also brand.
You got a mark for lead hero, healer, fighter(melee dps), mage, wanderer(ranged dps), and your mark, is the betrayer. The one destined to betray the heroes and side with the overlord, for whatever reason you can select and reason out yourself.
This is one of the only CYOAs I’ve made more than one run on, and I keep meaning to do a third.
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I want coffiee
I think I shared this AU before but I have a Sailor Moon AU where Naru Oska/ Molly Baker is Sailor Earth. Sailor Earth is a barefooter. Eventually, Molly/Naru stops wearing shoes leading to this.
  • Usagi: You know you look like Sailor Earth
  • Naru: don’t be silly Sailor Earth is prettier than me.
  • Usagi: and she doesn’t wear shoes.
  • Naru: That’s strange alright.
  • Usagi: and you stopped wearing shoes after she started showing up.
  • Naru: I don’t know what you mean of course I wear shoes… pan down to her bare feet in the middle of Shibuya
  • Usagi: Try that again, Sailor Earth.
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