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She Totally Pegs You
For real though, that actually is the end of the original comic strip series.

There ARE fully colored sequel comics, if you guys want me to post them.
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Forest of Sin
My latest dream involved a patchwork race that can regenerate themselves if a piece of them is cut off and stored 24 hours before they're killed, as well as another race that is one piece of fabric that, while lacking the peregrination powers, is physically more powerful than the patchworks, easily overwhelming them on a one-on-one. This came up since act 2 of the dream involved a serial killer going after patchworks because he oozes a curse that weakens their stitches.

Act 1 I only remember a carnivorous mole that also glides and eats soft gemstones, act 2 has the serial killer (their school/university is in a forest, making hiding the bodies easy), and act 3 involved the lead chewing out Cheshire Cat wannabe who is the guardian of the forest and claimed that the events of the second act was just "the strong overcoming the weak, as nature demands."

Strangely, the dream ends with a woman about my age offering me to choose her costume for Halloween, on the condition that come to her party. I woke up before I could choose a costume for her.
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