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I think the short story in my creative lit class (or whatever it was called) that sticked with me for the wrong reasons was the one where a woman is telling how terrible her childhood and family was (murderous and rape happy cousins was the reason I remember) while dating another woman in the present, far away from them in a suburbs or city. The reason I remember it is because I wondered if she was into women naturally or was made that way due to her experience, and the professor said that was too controversial. In a story involving rape and murder, as well as another book about abortions, that was too controversial. He didn't even said that was a possibility, but not the focus of the discussion, just outright hand waved it away because it wasn't the controversial he wanted or something.
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I was born in 1995, so I'm a millennial. I was also born the same year of Toy Story, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the Foo Fighters, so this is an absolute win!
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Everyone kept saying how Foodfight was the worst movie ever, and all I kept getting was a Japanese TV series:
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