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Good ain't nice
Yep. Can’t say I blame them for going that approach, though it’s the execution and what it took away that’s the problem. At least they stayed away from that path in future seasons.
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I need coffie
I get carried away imaging SSB vs PSASBR in my head and add Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft, Shadow the Hedgehog, Protoman, Betrayus, Ken, Lighting, Alucard Belmont, and Digimon I think I got good matches for the other Pokemon but not Greninja.
On the SSB side, I add Corus Kid, Simon Belmont and Gardvior.
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fluffy sylveon
You know what I want to see in a game? A game where, normally you’re supposed to follow the storyline and find out what the final boss’s weakness is, and then toward the end of the game you find out where it actually is, but if you already know where it is you can just speedrun the game, get the thing, and just Leeroy Jenkins into the final boss’s chamber and if you do the whole thing fast enough you can just completely catch them off-guard, kill them in one hit, and win the game.
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fluffy sylveon
See I have this oddly specific scenario all planned out on how I’d do it if I was actually designing said game.
It’d be a game, sorta open-world like BotW but generally more story-driven, and it’s something like there’s this evil sorceress who wants to take over the world, and this one sword is her only weakness, but she decided to shatter it into several pieces and scatter it all over the world, and toward the end of the game you find out where the pieces are so you can venture out, put it together, and then face her in this epic final showdown.
But if you already know where the pieces are, you can just go out and gather them (which would be really difficult to do at the beginning of the game but you could do it), put the sword together, and if you do it all really fast and without doing any of the actual storyline you can go where the boss is, and you activate this special cutscene where she’ll be all like “How the hell are you here already? Wait, is that–” and then you just kind of impale her with the thing and win.
And the best part is you’d get the true ending, since the only requirement for that is you actually kill her, but you need to have that particular sword to do that (otherwise she’d just kinda retreat back to her world after a while of fighting, which would be more of a neutral ending since it’s only postponing things).
Like I said: oddly specific.
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