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They’re not worth it anyways.
They turned “sus” from a glorious word of ytp lore, butchered it and turned into a cursed meme.
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You sussy gussy Baka be low-key mid fr fr no 🧢, kinda l, but not a w Ohio skibidi I don’t deadass vibe with it no bussin with the gyatt
[Oh god what did I just write]
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That's him, officer
Page 344, in which Genevieve is shocked

Translation: A law is a law, however undesirable it may be.
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I’ve actually pondered that before. I have a small obsession with Warcraft lore (except Shadowlands because as far as I’m concerned, that was a fever dream).
I feel it would have been a “what if Gandalf used the Ring” scenario.
Basically, bad things. Not at first, since Frostmourn is only one half of the equation. Things would only get really spicy once she decided to seize the armor of Domination.
Given that she almost drowned an entire city when she was just a wee bit mad, having power over legions of damned souls would make her unstoppable. She wouldn’t have Arthas’s weaknesses, and wouldn’t have been as easily manipulated. She’d also have likely been able to siege Qual-thalas a lot easier, as her knowledge of magic would have made the Elfgates and wards more manageable. She’d likely not have bothered enthralling Sylvanis, so that’d of been a key player taken off the board early.
The only issue is Jaina lacks of martial prowess Arthas had, being a mage and all. So while she would be a formidable necromancer, likely greater than Arthas was while the LK, She’d not be a great a fighter.
She might even lose to Ilidan before she was able to claim the armor, and Ner-zuls power would have faded and the Scourge would have been re-enthralled under the Legion. And with the full might of the undead, and a now absent Jaina, the Legion would have burned Azeroth to ashes and ol’ Sargy would be gettin it on with the planets world-soul.
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