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Übermensch in training
Since the mission is beat them at their own game, that result you bring is largely irrelevant to me….plus with so much misanthropy around, I think I’d rather take that “humanity pride” to break the jading routine.
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E9th, C6

I took this picture a few years back, never did find out what those two “eyes” were though, any suggestions? Certainly looks like the tapetum lucidium of some wild beast though. Image quality isn’t great I know, but this is a 3 minute exposure actually taken in pitch dark; I took other photos of the same scene and didn’t see the “eyes” again.
If it is a wild animal it’s bloody big, those “eyes” are level with a wooden picnic table at the other side of the lake.
I rule out an artifact/reflection in the lens as the reflection of the “eyes” is also in the water.

E9th, C6
Hah, does have a mothman look to it, didn’t have any cultist’s following him though 😁
@Lord WyrmSpawN
We don’t have bears or raccoons in England, biggest wild animals here are deer I’d say.
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In Vino Veritas
That reminds me of a fun story.
I was vacationing down in Louisiana a few years back. Went on a riverboat ride, and there was this couple from the UK on it too.
The lady absolutely lost her shit when she saw a racoon. Excitingly shouting “look at it’s wee little mask”.
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