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Your little crying face left quite the little crying mark on the Internet, SOMETHING I DON’T CANONICALLY HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF, take a look! Shows heavily blurred and censored artwork
What the fcensoredk am I looking at?
Taking off hat and bowing The consequences of our actions Extreme closeup And it’s only gonna get worse from here…
Artist -

Lily Fathom
In short I eat my chili out of the can. IDK Y, but its better to me that way
As for the ice cream? Its kept at -6 F. So, to soften I put it in the break room microwave.
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In Vino Veritas
I love this picture that USAToday set for their article on the eclipse.
It looks like some sort of dead eldritch star is coming to consume us all.
“As we can see here, in April, Hadar the eternal hungerer will be sweeping across the midwest to harvest the souls of the innocent. Necromanctic magic is expected to peak sometime around April 25th….”
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