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For anyone with trypophobia or any other fears… Uh… does this image makes you feel awkward or cringy?
Just before you look at it, if you want (Not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable, you can totally skip this message, no worries), it’s the picture of a destroyed BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launching System, possibly by a faulty ammunition
Here it goes, be careful
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I had a real headache this morning in the form of taking longer than necessary to toggle TalkBack off of my mother’s tablet. Gonna post the next page to calm me down
Page 24

If they’re not dead, they’re assholes
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I’d rather just keep it here to be honest. I tried doing something similar with a manga collecting thread, and practically no one gave a shit about it.
Besides, it keeps people from having to sift through yet another thread.
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