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Time to get spooky
What’s that Slenderman comic? The one where he has his follower go to a birthday party? I thought of a sequel for it awhile back.
@Dirty Bit
For the druids with anger issues.
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I want coffiee
Yeah, I’ve been thinking about as a cool idea. I don’t know if it would be effective but I just want to Go Beast Mode. Stack on Primal Svagery, Barkskin/Stonesink, Enlarge.
They probably won’t let me do it all at once.
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Lily Fathom
We can’t know for sure what’ll happen if philosophies and theologies don’t all like up. Nobody is a precog.
You would be surprised the revelations people had in my theological Bible type people. This is not the thread for it, but I will say I experienced unexplainable things socially.
Where I could have swarn they read and kept track of my art and writing. Yet, after asking specific questions it was obviose they did not. Hard to explain, but I knew. There are those who prophesize. Things even more unexplainable.
Artist -

Lily Fathom
So, glad I live in MO USA. Though I do get this is satire. Piano pins look a lot like bullets. Except they have threads on on end and a square head that holds the string.
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