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Pixel Perfection - I still call her Lightning Bolt
Lunar Guardian - Earned a place among the ranks of the most loyal New Lunar Republic soldiers (April Fools 2023).
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - 10+ uploads with over 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
Fine Arts - Two hundred uploads with a score of over a hundred (Safe/Suggestive)

I dreamed that I was driving and I came to an old wooden bridge that had collapsed, narrowly stopping from going down. I was yelling about how there was no sign to warn me, when I saw there were corpses on the ground by the bridge, and next to each corpse was a pumpkin plant. The pumpkin vines took control of the corpses and they started to move like zombies with jack-o’-lantern heads, so I put the car in reverse and got the hell out of there.
My unconscious mind is stuck on Halloween.
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