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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

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2D love > 3D love
After having an epiphany on how to SKETCH my ideas BEFORE I draw, I trashed all my old drawings and am starting over.
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That's him, officer
“Okay, so, you’re saying maybe I’ll have a tough time getting a job like my dad’s.”
“No, no, I’m saying you’ll definitely never get a job like your dad’s, and you’ll have a tough time finding something significantly worse.”
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We are multi-tasking ninjas who know what we’re doing, with access to explosive compounds & we know exactly how to get rid of evidence clean up any mess.
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You Can Dew It!
It’s Disney. They probably own the idea of toys being alive to begin with.
And with that, we’re caught back up on Sabrina Online. 4 new pages are posted at the beginning of each month, so I’ll post those whenever they come out. Meanwhile, a new Ample Time page should be available Saturday, so look out for that.
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@Penguin Dragneel
Ah I remember having the Transformers Animated version of Grimlock when I was a kid. I always took pride in that one.
Also just watch out. Disney tried to copyright Day of the Dead a while ago, so you never know what else they might do
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NFTs are stupid.
Imagine if real IP law worked this way. “Oh, we have to cancel the new My Little Pony show ’cause our social media intern clicked a bad link and now all the trademarks belong to @FuckNutz69.”
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Fuck you sandwich! Throws sticky bomb on ground and explodes
How was the sandwich? Kappa
It’s not fair, I can’t afford sandwiches! :(
The only reliable source for news nowadays
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Thread Starter - One Piece Thread

Get up and Jump
in a Petersonian sense, to elevate alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace (‘fastest mario’).
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