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I know I’m like 3 hours late, but it was the OG one. Then they aired the second one with a TV-MA-LV rating.
I dont see why it would get that rating. It’s a PG rated movie where the worst language it has is the iconic “this man has no d##k” line, there’s no graphic violence, and no sexual content (outside of the references).
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So, it has come to my attention that some people seem to think she’s from Mars. Or possibly one of the seven stars that shine after three thirty in the morning.
Well, I’m here to make it perfectly clear that SHE ISN’T!
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It says I’m Chaotic Neutral. I’m not chaotic, I’m cynical. I generally distrust authority and don’t feel obligated to follow laws that are unjust or pointless. That doesn’t mean I’m unprincipled nor that I want anarchy.
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