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i hate the thing a lot of fantasy settings do where there’s some prophecy that declares some dude is the chosen dude fated to defeat the evil dude. it leaves me wanting any of these 8 things to happen:
  1. the prophecy turns out to be entirely false and evil dude mocks the “chosen” dude for his delusions of grandeur before killing him. fast-forward 10 years where the failed hero’s son/daughter is rising up against the villain for revenge.
  2. someone at least questions the absurdity of following the unlikely instructions of some vague thing because reasons.
  3. the “chosen” one says fuck this shit i’m out and goes home and nothing more comes of him. an entirely different character goes on the adventure and saves the day and it’s acknowledged that the prophecy was full of shit.
  4. while the “chosen” dude does in fact save the day, it’s revealed the “prophecy” was entirely coincidental. yes this happened in the lego movie but i keep it on this list as a memento.
  5. the prophecy was written by an evil person who wanted to prevent the evil dude who is actually a good if dickish person from actually saving the world, and now the “chosen one” has to clean up his mess. sort of like golden sun, but with a deliberate prophecy that was guiding him.
  6. the prophecy was correct, but referred to a completely different villain. while the “chosen one” was busy fighting evil dude, “even more evil dude” got busy and destroyed the world.
  7. evil dude is a former “chosen one” himself who got sick of following fate and wants to destroy prophecies for the sake of free will.
  8. chosen one and evil dude are both following two separate prophecies that demand they fight the other guy. neither person is actually bad or has any interest in saving / destroying the world outside their obligation to follow the prophecy.

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Well, sometimes magic tricks on youtube or video can be “real”, where it could’ve been performed on the spot in front of an actual audience, and “fake”, where it requires at least one other person to be in on the trick for it to look cool, or the camera uses specific editing and angling to keep certain things hidden.
Like he once did this trick where he meets up (camera crew behind him) with a homeless person on the street, borrows a cup of coffee he has, then makes everything inside transform into a pile of quarters that he lets him keep. The problem is, he’s using a gimmick that’s impossible to perform with a random cup that anybody could give you, which means it was given to the homeless guy beforehand.

Apparently, alotta Houdini’s stuff was real-er-than-real magic, as in most of his accomplishments were legit as opposed to a clever illusion. He did grow up learning “magic”, but if it looked as if he was doing something practically superhuman, it was probably because he really was.
What’s more, the show wasn’t even the end game. When he was a kid his mom got scammed by some mystic or something, so after each show he’d then go out in the streets and expose the manipulative tactics that these guys would use to prey upon the superstitious. In fact, he was friends with the guy who wrote the Sherlock Holmes books, but when that guy’s wife fell sick and he turned to a mystic in hopes he could do something, he got into a disagreement with Houdini because, well, you do the math. So that friendship kinda just ended.
Also Houdini was able to utilize his skills for espionage in cooperation with the Scotland Yard or something.

Harry Houdini used to challenge card magicians to fool him with a trick, claiming he could describe how any card trick was done if he saw it at most three times.
In 1922, a magician named Dai Vernon met up with Houdini, and performed a single card trick on him eight times in a row, and Houdini still had no idea how it was done.
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Oh, you mean fraud. Gotcha!
There’s a guy named Criss Angel who “walked through a metal gate” – except that his team did a really bad job on the fake CGI gate he pretended to go through…
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