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Her mocap model is very pretty but Ubisoft made her ugly for the usual reasons. (DEI, ESG, not adhering to western beauty standards etc.) So now she looks like a dude with a big mullet.
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Apples and Pears
Kinda feel for poor Yoda. 900 years of heartbreak, failing to help keep Dooku and Anakin away from the Dark Side, partly blaming himself for the Jedi’s extinction, spending the last 25 years of his life alone in a swamp.
Not to mention he and Obi-Wan were the only High Council members who weren’t total dicks.
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Anyone else think Rey was going to be revealed to be Han and Leia’s daugter but it was changed in Rise of Skywalker.
I don’t know, man. Rey seemed kind of close to the two.
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@Darth Prime
It just seems to me it would make the most sense from a writing standpoint. Rey seems to have a connection with Han. And she had a grudge against Kylo who killed her father figure. The plot twist could have been at the end that Kylo is the brother, as a parallel to the Empire Strikes Back twist.
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Battlefront 2 always reminds me how much I prefer blasters over lightsabers. Something about beating sith and jedi with blasters and turrets is just so satisfying.
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