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Have a day
I loved when Obi-Wan Kenobi said “Jedi’s goal is to protect life, not take it” and then Anakin said “I do a little bit of funny trolling”
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@Goku Black
Well, in US at least. There is a European version, it’ll definitely be the trickiest one.
There is someone on Ebay selling VHS tapes of the Disney films, bought one and am waiting for it to arrive so I can check out how much work they put into it.
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Why do the Neimodians in Star Wars sound like a white person trying to do an Asian accent, but they got their ideas of what Asian accents sound like from badly-dubbed martial arts movies?
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I really want to know, why did George Lucas close down the EU? It could have coexisted like Warhammer 40k with Warhammer Fantasy or Age of Sigmar.
I could guess for three reasons:
  1. It’s not relevant to his original plan, or he changed it
  2. Possibly divergent from his plans
  3. Allowing the new directors to have a chance
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That’s really not the same thing.
He had a different vision than what had been covered in the EU but that’s not the same as what Disney did.
It would only truly be decanonized if he actually made a movie about his Sith Era.
That’s why there used to be tiers.
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