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> Cause a year before that movie they released one to explain the Death Star’s weakness was an overly elaborate trap by one vengeful engineer because for years people made fun of it for being such a "simple" way to blow it up (and ignoring how actually difficult it was to even accomplish that shot which the movie itself shows).



They were dumb on their face considering their very design requires them dropping bombs. Which require gravity. And they tried it in space. Sure the dreadnought was probably big enough to start having it's own gravitational pull, and we did see a kind of conveyer system to push the bombs to begin with, but still.

I mean, good job on the fact that only one bomber's payload was needed to destroy the First Order's dreadnought, but I'm not convinced a single Y Wing couldn't have done the same job.

Especially since a single Y Wing did do the same job one movie later against the Last Order's star destroyers.
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