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Rey on the other hand has not been thru anywhere near the struggle these other dudes go through. She been given gifts. Is bullshit but I accept that, because of what she does with it: kick ass. So I'd rather she skip the training, handwave it with "I downloaded KungFu into my brain", move on.

Clearly the message of the Disney Trilogy isnt about training. So if you're looking for one, that's not the right place. Because I realized it early, I stopped looking for an underdog story in the Disney Trilogy.

While MHA and OP are your epic underdog, with hard work and a bit of luck you can create miracles story, the Disney Trilogy is NOT.

Rey's story is the "I give you OP powers, now stop whining and do something" so I stopped caring how she got it. Which is why to me, any kind of vague 5 minute training montage is sufficient because it was clear the writers wanted to show her off asap.
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