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Remember when Sonic fell head over heels for this hedgehog lady Breezie in AoSth episode 3?
Who would have thought Classic Sonic could be such a simp. I think Sonic would rather keep this embarassing past a secret between him and Tails hoping no one else ever finds out that he became a girl’s lapdog. Especially not Amy.
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Are there any good Sonic websites to check out that you recommend? Maybe a news site like Equestria daily. Or a place with a community of people to talk to like this website. Or even a fanfiction site.
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It’s a shame that we North Americans didn’t get the good soundtrack until 2012. We got an OK one, albiet less memorable, from another artist, though.
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I actually forgot about the two different soundtracks thing. I’ve only played it with the Japanese soundtrack since it’s what the Steam version defaulted to.
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