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#160. Aka the start of the Flynn era.
There’s gonna be a few plot points you’ll be confused on, but it’s basically a soft reboot for the comics tone-wise.
Also, you’ll be ignoring the most controversial parts of the series.
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I was watching “Family Matters,” (I kinda miss the corny, innocent sitcoms of the 90s) which I’m sure some of you know has Jaleel White, the original voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog in it as Steve Urkel.
I was watching the Season 1 episode “The Quilt,” and the Grandmother says the 200 year old family quilt was started by a family ancestor named councidentally “Amy Rose.” (This episode came out in 1989.)  
I doubt the Japanese Sonic manga writers (where Amy originated from, before her game debut in SCD) ever watched that show, but I thought it was funny.
Amy’s gone mad with power!
Probably, ‘cause that talent didn’t suit the games. Also, back in the 90s, some considered tarot cards kinda taboo, so they probably couldn’t get away with it back then. Even the old Archie series ignored it.
Some fans are divided on Ian Flynn. It doesn’t help some DeviantArt Sonic fans are spreading false rumors that “Ian hates Sally/won’t let Sally in IDW.”  
Which is ironic, because Ian is the one who kept Sally and the other SatA.M. characters in the comics for many years, and is a confirmed SatA.M. fan himself, and even referenced the series in his stories.  
(Including the now obscure “margerine” joke.)  
I know I probably mentioned this before, but mentioning it again for those that don’t know Ian the way I do.
Ian’s not perfect, (a few issues I didn’t like) but he’s probably my favorite writer on Sonic, and the least biased.  
He’s even stood up for his critics and haters before, when his own fans on his message board were fighting with them.  
Very few writers nowadays would do that. (Heck, I heard a Batman writer was attacking fans on social media. That bad PR used to get you fired.)
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