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It's interesting how in the Sonic Movie they didn't make Sonic as just a funny character that shots jokes and reference, but actually gave him some depht and a conflict. It made the whole things far more appreciable.
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So, in 4Chan, some info has been "leaked" about Sonic 30th anniversary, alongside this pic:

Take it with a grain of salt. Remember that Photoshop exist and 3d models of Sonic exist on the internet.
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Most news sites tend to be slow and oblivious about most of the things they post

To be fair humans are humans, they can't keep up and keep note of every little thing that happens on this planet let alone the internet, something that very well might be "larger" than the planet it's on.
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So, is there a term yet for the zappy Sonic that appeared in the movie? When he gets angry and lights up with electricity and stuff?

Not that I know of.
…"sparking sonic"? Maybe there's a way to fit Raiden in there, somehow? Or name it after the not-quite super-Saiyan form from Lord Slug, whatever the official term for it is.

@northern haste
Agreed, well worth the listen.
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Someone commented on a YouTube video about how similar Sonic is to Dragon Ball Z, and after giving it some thought there are actually a lot in common.
Sonic is like Goku
Tails is like Gohan
Knuckles is a mix of Tien & Piccolo
Shadow is of course Vegeta
Blaze is like Android 18
Silver is like Trunks (both character and story)
The Chaotix are sorta like the Ginyu Force
Eggman is like Dr. Gero
Even Chaos is like Cell & Buu.
There are other similarities; obviously Super Sonic is like Super Saiyan, the 7 Chaos Emeralds with mythical powers like the 7 Dragon Balls, some of the games' plots centered around finding the Emeralds like the overall plot of Dragon Ball especially Sonic Adventure's story having similarities to the Cell Saga.
Well despite all the connections, I think it just elevates Sonic's epicness all the more for me.

Love the connections to Sonic Heroes, I would have gone with Isabelle for Cream but all and all pretty accurate.
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@Dex Stewart
I watched a review of Sonic X in which the reviewer said that its mostly the same show regardless of what language you choose to watch it but said that we should stick with the Japanese version of Season 3 since 4Kids deleted the death scenes. Even though it is the same show, my inner weeaboo would take the original Japanese audio for the whole show even though I have no problem with the 4Kids VAs.

You know Chris Thorndyke was more well-received in Japan? Apparently, Japan is more tolerant with characters that you can self-insert yourself with.

At least Emerl gave us an awesome showdown between him and Cream. :D

I get where you're coming from regarding the whole "the whole world wants to suck Sonic's cock and shuns his just as talented friends" problem. Even though I like Sonic X, it was VERY guilty of that.

Uh, sorry about this but I don't know if I'll ever get over the concept of people who are active on this site but hate Twilight Sparkle.
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