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RWBY Thread

Thanotos Omega
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show of hands who was able to grasp that the Brothers gave humans mortal life spans to help them appreciate things better and that this mortality makes life beautiful philosophy is a major theme of the show?
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Thanotos Omega
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@Dirty Bit  
Same tbh, but within the show it follows one of the better arguments that infinite life causes you to lose your ability to percive the value of life,
@Hali the Emoji girl  
Considering that they did so, and the GoL makes it clear he’s trying to make Salem understand why the brothers allow mortals to die, and the framing showing how tenuous the brothers good terms can be, and showing the shift in Oz and Salem’s relation ship when they become immortal, also Indomitable has one of it’s more emphasized lines leading into the Light that shines portions, “The goal’s not to live forever, Because eternity loves the creations of time.”
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First episode of RWBY Volume 8 is out for FIRST members, if anyone’s still watching. I am, for what it’s worth.
Hoooooly shit, are we FINALLY getting some Cinder backstory? Scrubbing the floors is almost ICONIC to the “abused stepdaughter forced to do hard labor” part of the classic Cinderella tale.
Oh, it was a flashback. Also, since when does Neo know how to fly a plane?
The giant Grimm whale has landing bays! It’s literally a living, flying fortress.
Going to meet the bosslady. Come to think of it, has Neo even seen Salem before?
Um, EXCUSE ME, Cinder? You didn’t do diddly, Neo was the smooth customer who slipped the Relic away from Atlas!
Oh my Goooood, Mercury’s and Emerald’s new outfits!!!!!
Hazel got a new outfit too. And a haircut, apparently.
”Just because you are more valuable to me than a pawn, that does not make you a player.” Remember Cinder, Tyrian’s not too far off the mark when he refers to Salem as a “goddess”.
Atlas refugee encampment.
Oscar and…some Faunus? One’s got a fox tail, another has long claws like a bear or perhaps a mole?
Mantle in ruins, but not COMPLETELY destroyed. And the Happy Huntresses are still around, so that’s good.
Okay, plan of action. Get everyone to the crater where Atlas was lifted. Not the best, but it’s shelter from the unceasing cold, at least.
Time for some espionage. Get in, activate the terminal, launch the satellite, get out. Easy peasy, right? Ha. As if.
Oh shit. Is this the beginnings of Yang breaking off of RWBY?
Okay, phew. It’s just the old “divide and conquer”.
Oh shit, Ironwood’s calling Penny. This is gonna be awkward……
Don’t put that guilt on her, James. We’re all in this mess together.
The Ace-Ops. Or the remaining four members.
Clover’s dead, right? He LOOKS dead.
Ah jeez, did Ironwood get his other hand replaced by robotics as well?
Really, Ironwood? Really? Sure, that’s a sound and reasonable thing to do. Yes, go ahead and START KILLING THE OTHER SENATORS ON THE COUNCIL. THIS WON’T HAVE ANY SERIOUS REPERCUSSIONS DOWN THE LINE, NO SIRREE!
Theme song time! Pretty badass. Not SUPER-dark, but not exactly hopeful and happy like the last few were.
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
When It Falls would have to be my favorite out of the openings, with This Will Be The Day and Let’s Just Live tying for second
As for the episode itself, I’ve yet to watch, but I look forward to it
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LOL that bait and switch. Robyn’s “this is all your fault” rant is framed at Qrow, but she’s ACTUALLY giving it to Jacques (who deserves it SO much more).
He denies everything. And takes a steaming dump on Qrow’s already fragile state of mind. Real class act, that Jacques Schnee.
Huh, they’re all being held in the same cell block, Watts included. I’m not completely sure that’s wise.
Whitley’s, like, 14. Even if he WANTED to, I don’t think he could call the lawyers to bust your ass out of jail, Jacques.
Wait, Robyn punching the cell wall didn’t set that alarm off, did it?
I can’t say he didn’t deserve it, but YIKES, Watts just got pistol-whipped HARD by the guards!
*”We can kill the man who put us here.”* Oh shit, Qrow’s out for revenge.
Joanna hijacking the news broadcast!
Deployable cover! Now that’s cool! Though I think that the hoverbike are at equal levels of cool.
Ma’am, I’m sure EVERYONE wants to be safe in the castle in the sky known as Atlas. One problem though. They don’t care. Not about you, and not about Mantle. The Faunus, on the other hand? They’re in the same boat as you. You can work with them….or you can continue to lick Atlas boot. Your choice.
Oscar and Ozpin having a much-needed discussion.
Weiss Schnee doing what she does best: explaining the myriad inner workings of the Schnee Dust Company.
Frigging Ironwood. I hate people who use guilt-trips.
Heavy is the head that wears the Maiden crown.
Ooh, May’s Semblance is invisibility? That’s badass.
Welp, Weiss is dead. Killed by Nora’s impulsive nature and a sucktube. RIP.
Mole guy is Fiona’s uncle? Honorary uncle like Qrow is to Ruby? Or blood relation like Qrow is to Yang? I suppose it doesn’t matter. It IS canon that Faunus traits are basically random mutations when two dissimilar Faunus have a child together.
Hey, it’s a mini-Kevin.
Good old stick-grenades.
Jaune doing his knightly heritage proud with a classic joust!
GODDAMN, THAT’S BRUTAL. This Grimm is NOT pulling its punches! Oscar’s gonna get ripped apart like a ragdoll!
Did….did that Grimm just talk?
According to the credits, it’s called The Hound. That’s how you know it’s important.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

And now we see the aftermath of everyone’s little pneumatic tube journey!
You’re gonna want to slow that down, Penny. One step at a time.
Oh, so May’s Semblance can cover multiple people? That’s EXTREMELY handy.
Go Go Gadget hacking finger!
Sure, right through Central Command. No problem, sneaking past literally 3 dozen people all milling about, doing their jobs.
Did Penny just explain how Ruby’s Semblance works? And that she can basically break herself and other people down into pure energy? And then reassemble them?
Also Ruby, you’re not helping your case.
Sigh. We called it. Watts is gonna hack into Penny’s mind. Only we didn’t guess that it’d be Ironwood who would be funding that particular project.
#1 Dud? That’s just mean.
That guy is SO FIRED.
I trust Dr. Polendina with Penny’s mind and body completely (he IS her creator, her “father”), but it’s still SUPER WEIRD to see him remote-access into Penny, complete with stiff, robotic movements.
Blake spinning in a chair is a mood.
Blake has some excellent life advice. It’s “Ren and Nora”, not “Renora”. Nora, it’s okay to be your own person, have your own goals and dreams that might not always include Ren.
Oh boy. It’s the Ace-Ops again.
”Keep refusing to the right thing”? And what, pray tell, is the right thing, Harriet? For Penny to be a good little robot and march right back to Ironwood? A man who has literally gone insane with paranoia?
Tin can? Honey, this “tin can” is a literal demigoddess now.
Marrow’s Semblance is so OP.
Nora overloaded on electricity might be a fifth Maiden, if only for very short bursts.
Nora has some neat scars now.
”If you can’t beat them….make them join you.” So….Watts is going for good old manipulation and blackmail, I take it?
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