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The Hell?
Prior to this, Ash gets really protective of his mom and starts terrorizing Jessie (usually with harmless pranks and generally trying to get under her skin). Ash ends up staying home a bit longer than he usually does because of this and Delia was happy to have him around. Jessie is resilient and endures this for a long time however and Ash eventually throws in the towel.
One morning tells Delia he’s going to leave on another journey the following day. Delia worries that she’s pushing Ash away with this new relationship and wants nothing more than to keep the two most important people in her life…well… in her life.
Wobbuffet is a good boy!
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That would feel cliché. I’d guess for Dot maybe she’s part of the Rising Volt Tacklers because deep down, she wants to make friends but she’s super shy about it which can explain her dressing up when she’s Nidothing.
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I like that headcanon. She tried to make progress little by little.
On an unrelated note, I hope that the brown haired woman Oreo (heh) gets screentime and doesnt get forgotten.
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The Hell?
Jessie: [quickly stands up] Delia! H-hi! Are yooou… okay?
Delia: [nods]
Jessie: Look I’m really sorry for everything I said. I was running my stupid mouth like I always do and–
Delia: Yeah you managed to hit a lot of nerves. But it’s alright. It takes a lot more than that to get me down.
Jessie: Still, I shouldn’t have said any of that. I’ll take things with Ash more seriously. He’s a good kid.
Delia: He is. And you have a lot of work to do to show him you’re someone he can trust. Show him you’re the great person I know you are.
Jessie: But… I’m not even sure I’m a great person.
Delia: It’s true you’ve done bad things, but like you said, you have changed, and are making an effort to change. You have a good heart, Jessica.
Jessie: …
Delia: And I can tell you and Ash do really care about one another. It seems like you’ve been there for each other more than you think.
Jessie: I guess we have been through a lot together… I’ll do my best to prove myself to him.
Delia: Thank you.
Jessie: I also didn’t mean the other thing I said. About you… being afraid of Ash leaving. It was really a low blow and I was projecting.
Delia: …… I am afraid. I know he’s going to go and do what he wants and follow his dreams. But I don’t want to be the reason he feels like he has to go…
Jessie: You’re not! You haven’t done anything wrong.
Delia: Then why doesn’t he ever stay home for long?
Jessie: You know why. He’s a kid with big dreams! He probably doesn’t know how this affects you since you put up such a strong front.
Delia: I suppose I’ve never really told him how I feel.
Jessie: He’d do anything for you, including doing his best to protect you from an evil, but very attractive, Team Rocket lady~ And no matter how many adventures he goes on, he’ll always come back.
Delia: [smiles]
Jessie: I’m gonna make things right. I’ll talk to Ash and see if he could bare to be around me a little longer so he can spend time with his mom. [kisses Delia’s forehead]
Delia: I appreciate you.
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