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Over the last 25 years, the main Pokemon series has given us 28-9 games in 14 releases telling 9 stories.
(Yes, I just felt like saying that.)
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I’m gonna get back into my Alpha Sapphire playthrough after the anniversary ends on April 1.
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Tauros beef. Miltank have a higher feed-weight conversion ratio, they spend most of their calories on Moomoo Milk production.
The very concept of “humans eating meat” in a fantasy setting where both humans and fictional monsters coexist has been a problem for a while.
It reaches into an ethical dilemma when the mons can be as sentient like the anime counterparts, showing a large array of emotions and feelings, giving them a more anthropomorfied behavior.
Maybe the determination to eat a pokemon depends on its physical appearance?
We know that Farfetch’d and Slowpoke tails were consumed, but both are seen as shark fins: an unethical luxury.
I dont know. The more deep we thought about it, the more it turns into a disturbing vision about what humans can do to the pokemon.

Yeah, but one thing is means is that there isn’t really a “main series”. There are all sorts of games, following various patterns, on a bunch of different systems.
Given what humans have managed to do to other humans throughout history…
(Of course, given their level of bio-science, it’s quite plausible that all meat is vat-grown. At least in civilised regions.)

Some animations which may be of interest. (Warning: mass Pokemon death.)
An all-out, literal-Pokedex battle between all Pokemin from the first 7 generations…
…except Legendary and Mythical ones. They get their own match.
There’s also one just for baby Pokemon (even though they were in the original).
Each of them comes with a “behind the scenes” companion video too.
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Mew was the first pokemon, right? And contains the dna for all the rest. Presumably this would include all the mythicals also created by Arceus, but does this also count for ultra beasts?
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