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Pretty sure this only applies mostly to the games. We have seen Pokemon in the anime turning pretty badly after battles, even needed serious medical attention instead of a quick healing machine.
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VERY out of touch. And what's worse is that his successor, Shigeru Ohmori, is keeping Junichi Masuda's thought process alive.
Either Ohmori needs to realize that his buddy's design philosophy isn't as good as he claims it to be or hand the series to a new director who can really look into each past entry and learn why each one of them were loved and what should be fixed and expanded upon.
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At this point there are two options:

1)Passing the development of future Pokemon games to someone else, more competeant;
2)Making the franchise going on hiatus in order to make Game Freak ordering their ideas and making Pokemon great again.

Unfortunately I don't think neither of those optional are going to happen. Despite its decadent quality, Sw/Sh still sold extremely well, and I'm afraid they will go with the same route of EA with FIFA: "the game sells extremely well regardless, why should we bother about improving the quality?"… that's just sad.

Well, if anything we're getting this gorgeous gem for now…
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The Pokemon franchise is dead. If you think it not then you are a delusional idiot. The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake will be garbage. Pokemon will never be good again. R.I.P Pokemon. Fuck you Game Freak.
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It true you know. Pokemon is dead. Pokemon Sword and Shield killed the franchise. All future Pokemon games will be dogshit.
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Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.

How big of a deal was Pokemon at your school?
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