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I hate how Game Freak mocked Dunsparce by giving him a lame evolution! Dunsparce doesn’t deserve to be a loser forever, can’t he be cool for once in his life?
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Heres a thought. If you are so obsessed with Dunsparce evolving into something awesome to make it cool, did you really love Dunsparce in the first place? Maybe thats a lessom to take to heart.
Dudunsparce just means more of what makes Dunsparce unique.
Honestly, it sounds like a Gates to Infinity fanfic where Dunsparce evolves and feels ashamed that he isnt something cooler but then everyone tells him he was already cool.
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But Dunesparce was the worst one. Sure you can find it in the cave but it’s rare. Unlike Lapras which only shows up one day and Unknown are every where in the Ruin’s of Alph. Then you have the ice cave the best cave to do the solving if you do it correctly and you feel rewarded. But Dunesparce is in the optional worst cave of the game.
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I never had problem with Mr. Mime. I guess it’s because I’m not all that afraid of clowns but Mr. Mime is cool in my book.
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I’ve been thinking about the team I would give to the important trainers I would give Pokemon in a Fan game if I could make it.
and then today I thought “Nuts if Gamefreek won’t give Gyrarados good flying moves I’ll make it’s Hidden Ability Areilate.”
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I think what would be a good pokemon move would be where it turns healing items and healing moves effects into damage that hits for the same amount the items or moves restore HP for and a move that restores status effects that the pokemon had before.
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