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Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]

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Bung a rock at it!
Didn’t even bother with BDSP. It’s such a “faithful remake” of Diamond/Pearl that, just like DP, you’re probably better off just playing Platinum.
Except they also did blatantly UNfaithful things like forced EXP share, implying that the only reason they pushed this “”“faithful remake””” schtick was because of laziness/incompetence/deadlines preventing them from adding in stuff from Platinum >:V
So then we got the double-whammy of new thing people didn’t like (forced EXP share) with OLD thing people didn’t like (single-use TMs). A winning combination! /s
Like I said, nothing about it WASN’T a red flag, lol
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I played it. And so far the only thing that is good that they apadted was the Pearl and Diamond Story Everything else is well mediorce except for Cynthia.
She’s abotu as tough as nails this time around.
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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Bung a rock at it!
That’s what I heard, which just makes it even more confusing and contradictory lol
They put so much energy into making it “”“faithful””” by not updating the teams to FLint still only has two Fire-types… but then they drastically changed all their sets?
And simultaneously… they made most of the game kinda easy (e.g. forced EXP share because being overlevelled is the correct way to play)… but then made the Elite Four actually hard?? I mean, they are the final bosses, so it’s nice that they’d do that, but from what I’ve heard it’s so… abrupt.
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The Hell?
We all know remakes are inevitable. I’m curious how they’re gonna handle 4 games each for gens 5 and 7; the Mega Evolutions introduced in ORAS, and the DLC Sw/Sh on.
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