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I need coffie
I’m going to try to guess what the Anime protagonists team will be.
Pikachu, Quaquaval, Toedscruel, Armarouge, Dudunsparce, Annihilape

The Hell?
The fans: We want Shadow-two!
TC96: Ok, here you go
The fans: Wait no.
Also the fans: I KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS!
How they fix it:
With the arrival of Stain, would that mean that when Pig introduces them to Mewtwo… The return of scarf cuddles?
Can we get mega-mom trying to carry adult huey on her arms?
Imagine if Pig could phase into herself She could fit into any box she wanted to
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I’m putting Gloom as my buddy Pokémon until I earn enough candies to evolve it into Bellossom and thus finish that one special research task.
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After seeing what the Paradox Pokemon in Violet look like, all I gotta say is I’m glad I chose Scarlet cause these ones are not as appealing. All of them are just robot replicas of whatever Pokemon they are based on, which I don’t know what this is trying to tell me about the future in that so many Pokemon either become robots or were given robotic replacements or what but they could have gone a bit more creative with some of these ideas. Maybe have certain Pokemon go through radical evolution stages overtime or even cybernetic Pokemon half machine and half organic. It’s unfortunate that the past is more interesting ands adds more to the lore of the franchise vs. the future is just like any other future in media would be, I mean I can at least understand if these were made to make life a little easier for humans like lifting heavy objects (Hariyama) or transportation to different locations (Hydreigon) otherwise these all seems rather generic.
Also generic are the names, they all just have Iron in their title. Scarlet actually got creative with the names like Scream Tail, Flutter Mane, Great Tusk, Roaring Moon, etc. They could uave done the same for Violet like Metal Jugulis, Copper Thorns, Armored Valiant, Steel Hands just to name a few instead of just Iron [Insert].
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@Jade Kitsune
I think the problem is people expect exaggeration and as a result you got those thirsty for view and like on tiktok acting based on data they found on site wikipedia and articles that exaggerate signs, which is funny yet kind of sad.
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Well, we just failed a Virizion raid. Literally had like two hits left to defeat it, but the clock ran out. I spent 100 coins on a remote raid pass for nothing.
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