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So, in Pokemon Unite, there is a Game Breaking Bug, where if you picked Greninja; it will cause the lobby to desync. Thankfully that bug got patched, but damn; I guess it got so sick of the nerf jokes it decided to alter reality in game.
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Not a fan of the Coalossal or Hypno re-designs (good Lord, is the Hypno ugly!), but I LOVE the new Emboar, Cinderace, and Togekiss!
Interesting to see the Venusaur modeled after an actual dinosaur, and not a frog/dinosaur hybrid.

The Hell?
An AU idea, what if Mew did find both Newtwo and Mewtwo before the events of the first pokemon movie
they’d be like their mew selves
…but louder

Mew used to love sleeping
Mewtwo can learn why burping is needed, but also the disgusting of it too. Would newtwo laugh a bit at it or feel bad?

she knows better
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The Hell?
[makes ramen the put raw egg and cooked bacon in it the add crush pepper] enjoy [puts it on table]

Because she had to live off of whatever she could find in the wild, Newt has developed a cast iron stomach. She wouldn’t care about a little raw egg lol. She’ll take whatever her brother doesn’t want XD It’s better than the food she probably had to settle for.
how would your Mewtwo and Newtwo react to the ramen bowl ask?
basically the same XD

you know scarfy probably won’t eat it

If the soup is steaming, how does the egg stay raw?
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