Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]


The Hell?
How will Pidge respond to…bath time?

Pig is a dream compared to the hell-raiser Huey was when it came to bath time
Newtwo is showing Mewtwo how she goes about baths
Auntie, I’ll remember this transgression upon me…

“I didn’t get a bath toy, how dare you.”
Background Pony #83CE
I’m drawing my journey in Pokémon Shining Pearl, which will include captures, evolutions, gym badges earned and the eventual champion defeat.
I begin my adventure with Harry, my Turtwig, which I received from Professor Rowan (actually borrowed without permission thanks to my I-swear-he-has-ADHD friend ignoring warnings about tall grass) at Lake Verity.
Then on Route 202, I caught my first wild Pokémon, a Shinx I named Jacob.
That’s all I got for now, I’m going by my personal journal of accomplishments that happened to me on the journey (and I’m already dreading drawing the eventual legendaries that I caught and all the final-stage evolutions I went through).
I’m also taking a break from coloring because I’m waiting for a pencil sharpener big enough for coloring pencils to arrive, I’ll line-draw my later achievements.

The Hell?
It looks like she’s about to punch someone

all she can do is frown severely XD
Lmao oh what a ‘dirty look’ that is XD
Newtwo is just gonna have to scrub all the dirt out of that look X3 lol
I feel like if it was mewtwo who bathed pig, she would look utterly betrayed

Da betrays?
Da betrays Pig???
Jail for Da! Jail for Da for ONE THOUSAND YEARS!!!
Oh can you imagine how pig reacts to her toy being washed now, or put in a washing machine?

gotta watch until its done
Background Pony #83CE
“Pokémon Legends: Arceus” comes out tomorrow on Friday the 28, right?
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I still love that some people expected Cynthia’s ancestor in Legends to be this beautiful samurai warrior that can represent her position of importance in all of Sinnoh’s existence but Legends says “NOPE. MALE TRAVELING MERCHANT.“
Background Pony #83CE
After much consideration, I’ve decided I’ll get Pokémon Legends: Arceus this summer.
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