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Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]

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Most of them are more like “claws”. Very short claws, which are very uncomfortable to have, same with the three digits. And oh… Yeah forgot about Grookey.
Sure, when they are full evolved, they have more comfortable pair of “hands”, but you need to be fully evolved to experience the full grip.
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If they ever do a Russia region.  
They should have the equivalent of the Trans-Siberian rail as an integral part of how the player traverses the region from one point to another. With sections unlocking through the progression of the game. Much like Alola, but in a mostly land setting. The train ride also serve as places where the player can battle and do other things, much like SS Aqua and such. Some sections can be (or eventually be) traversed on foot to another.
It’s a large region divided into sectors.
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I wouldn’t mind Russia, but that sounds a little too restrictive for my tastes, the problem with a lot of the recent pokemon games is that the restrictive progression is starting to feel too claustrophobic
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Yellow was my first Pokemon game, so Pikachu was my first starter, past that Cyndaquil was the first starter I got to choose.
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What are your thoughts on Pokemon Unite? As a fan of League of Legends, I actually like the game and I would like to have a look.
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IIRC, I used to play Pokemon Emerald (the Hoenn/Kyushu game). As I spent much of my time on the PC and PSP back then, I rarely played Pokemon, so it was perhaps the only Pokemon game I ever played. Perhaps it used to be Torchic.
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