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Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]

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…never thought I would lose a mon to a AI stall. A stall consisting of Whirlpool, hail and Protect. Then again, I also never thought I would miss three 91% Thunders in the row. New experiences all around.  
Oh well, just the League left. Better ride this train to the end. RIP Jessica the Galvantula, I’ll pick you up after this is over.
@Background Pony #8CF0  
That’s the problem- we don’t know. So far we it seems to be focused on just catching Pokemon for the first Pokedex, plus possibly something about Arceus since it’s in the title, but outside of that, nothing. We don’t even know if we’re getting more towns.
Background Pony #8CF0
I’ve just started a new adventure in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, here’s my team so far:
Charlie (Mudkip)  
Maple (Poochyena)  
Adrien (Zigzagoon)  
Vince (Wurmple)  
Jasmine (Wingull)  
Homer (Ralts)  
Stan (Shroomish)
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