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Pokemon General [SFW, No NSFW]


Ok…how in the FUCK did Kabu’s Centiskorch managed to survive on a sliver of health a rain-boosted Max Geyser (with Hydro Pump as basis) from Ludicolo?! That thing isn’t THAT tanky! And then it OHKO’d in retaliation. Of course. I feel robbed (especially since I used that Water Stone just before the gym). RIP Jose, you were taken much too soon.
On a much happier note, SHINY JOLTIK!  
I think it’s a second ever shiny I’ve found in the wild, and first since the very beginning of XY. And it’s one of my favourite mons too! Time to introduce Galar to some Compound Eyes-boosted Thunders!

I mean, base 90 Sp. Att. isn’t amazing, but still, it was 140 BP SE move boosted by rain.
To be fair, I run the calculations through the simulator out of curiosity, and assuming no investment and neutral natures, Ludicolo should OHKO 100% of the time…outside of Dynamax, which, now that I think about it, gives much bigger boost to survability (up to double the health) compared to power (only 30 BP more). So yeah, working as intended. It may be bullshit, but I can believe it now.
Yeah, I feel kinda bad about considering benching him early on. He was a real trooper.
Thread Starter - Splatoon thread

Monado User
No you see what I have to attend by.
I have a charizard on the bench right now but it’s in it’s fifties.  
Vulpix is a good replacement.  
Gyrados on the bench right now too. Because I replaced it with a level 60 Whiscash.  
And I have two other flying types.  
One of which is Steel Flying the other is Fairy Flying. I have a pokemon to replace my Steel Flying with and it’s Aegislash who I had on my team for a long time. And I have a Dragon Flying too.

So wait, Wild Area consists of the plains outside of Motostoke and Hammerlocke…and that’s it? That’s a lot less than I thought it would be, considering how it was marketed as a big feature. Especially since at the end of the day, it’s literally an empty field with some patches of grass/bodies of water to keep the Pokemon in. Really not worth cutting all the dungeons/caves and, like, half the routes. And even what’s left is pretty bare bones.
Also, I honestly don’t like the new TMs and TRs. On one hand, taking away the ability to easily teach all the mons you want key moves like Earthquake, Stone Edge, Low Kick or Thunderbolt feels really shitty, since you effectively need to grind the Dens just to supply everyone. On the other hand, they did give us a lot of new moves (or moves that weren’t TMs for a long time), like Close Combat or Stealth Rock. Which is nice, but…was there something stopping them from just…making them new TMs? And NOT throwing away the old ones?
The game itself is…fine, it gives me that kick of Pokemon gameplay I craved, but it really feels half-assed and not too well thought through.
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