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Looks like they’re trying to go Link’s Awakening’s “Toy box” style, since that seemed to go over pretty well with people, they thought it would be a good fit I guess, Since Both DP and LA were both 2D games.
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So I assume the remakes are going the Link’s Awakening route and, new Pokemon, moves and abilities notwithstanding, will be that accurate to Platinum?
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Bit surprised they went with Arceus. Would have been neat if they went with Mew.
Image you go with a science team to Guyana a far away land. Your goal is to explore this South American country vast new wilderness for your team and bring back reports about the area. But there’s a rival group there looking to use the Pokemon there for nefarious purposes while being funded by Team Rocket. And the have thr climax of the game be you rescuing Mew but the evil team managing to get a DNA sample for thier project
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I’ll never forgive Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series for getting rid of the friend areas and DX for replacing those Friend Areas with… whatever abominations those places were supposed to be.
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