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[bq="WyrmSpawN"] You ever shipped pokemon before? [/bq]

Kinda. I shipped a Typhlosion and a Delphox once.

And some non-shipping but still kinda world-building, where I created a sort of Fairy-type criminal team. Not Fairy-type trainers, literally the Pokemon themselves, _Mystery Dungeon_-style.

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I.dont have much either but so far, I have

Alola-Ninetales: The leader. Despite her beautiful exterior, she is utterly ruthless, as cold as the deepest winter. Said to have bitten the head off of a live Gible (which is saying something since Gible is almost literally all head).

Sylveon: A plotter and schemer, he intends to overthrow Alola-Ninetales and become leader in her place. _Quite_ sore about his cute girly appearance, don't push him.

Mawile: A good girl who got dragged into a bad situation. The other Fairies treat her nice enough, but she feels like they're just using her to eat (sometimes literally) Poison attacks because she's immune.

They have a group of Klefki to also serve as a wall against Poison strikes, but they're...not too bright (you can entertain them for hours by jingling a handful of keys at them).

Gardevoir: Has nothing but utter contempt for Sylveon and it's no secret. He OWNS his feminine appearance, makes it work for him, instead of bitching about it like Sylveon. Very proud and something of a gentleman, he would have made an excellent Gallade in another life. [/bq]

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