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At this point there should be a movieverse

Take the special episodes they released and make those canon to the movies from Strong World to Stampede

Tagger of the Unknown
I'll check it out some time. Filler arcs are annoying when you can't skip it and have to wait but since the waitings over filler arcs are like fun fanfiction.

I'm almost surprised 4kids left this arc. It seems like it had one of those enviorment friendly plots that they would show in kids shows unless I'm mistaken.

edit: It's always nice to see Nami kick some butt.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Anyone have any idea when the Flying Six will make their anime debut? I want to hear Ulti and Black Maria speak. They're my two faves for both clean and not-so-clean reasons.
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I can't get these thoughts out of my mind, so I just need to get them out there related to one piece. So I figured here is just as good.

One thing we should all know is Oda loves his foreshadow, and looking at it there's two things I liked to bring up. One that'll probably be true, one not so much. Not too caught up with the latest chapters (I like watching the anime :3) so bare with me if this already happned.

Starting with a quick one; This just something silly I thought about, but I think Zoro and Perona might be an item. Odd yes, but they did spend two years together and with how she helped him get to the ship and helped the Sunny escape, I feel there's something there. How hilarious would it be if it turned out they actually had gotten married, especially women always trying to make him a family man, so him already taken really funny, if that was the case.

Onto the more serious Topic, the next Crew Member. This one I think might actually happen, as I'm sure a lot of people have probably said the same. although, it's Also been said about Bartolomeo, Some also have Vivi as a crew memeber, but she feels more as honorary. However, I'm very positive this might happen.

I'll spoil just in case:

I believe Carrot will be true Nakama in due time and here's the list to that as followed.

-She has a very noticeable design, even in the flashback she kept that, so she didn't fit with the musketeer squad at all, since they had a uniform look.
-She feels indebted to the straw hats due to Chopper and Luffy by proxy with the events before his arrival to Zou. kind of like how Luffy knew Usopp so well from his father talking about him.
-Carrot wants to sail the ocean and have adventures.
-Her personality fits with the Straw hats well, especially having been with a few of them and had some good chemistry with them
-Minks aren't well known and somewhat seen as unapproachable and hate humans. Much to how Fishman are seen by some due to Arlong, so having her in the crew adds to how Luffy sees the everyone equally.

How does Carrot differentiat herself among the others? Carrot's way of fighting is a martial arts/hand-to-hand style, which the crew doesn't have alot of with Luffy, Chopper, Sanji and Jinbe. Everyone else relies on weapons or other means like devil fruit ablilites. She uses gauntlets type weapon, but she still throws punches and kicks in close quarters. The other part is she would fill the element roll with the crew. Zoro wind, Brook ice, Sanji fire Jinbe water and Carrot lightning- Given a Mink's natural ability which makes her a walking Taser.

The biggest thing is what would be her Crew roll and with that I'd say she's probably be the ship's lookout. When first met that she can jump really high (perfect to get in and out of the crow's nest) and has very observant tp catch movement being miles off the ground, so that job fits her like a glove. I know many would say that's Usopp, but at the time he was also seen as the shipwright without the title till Franky, plus his job is Sniper, and that doesn't really take into effect until a fight. So having Carrot as a designated lookout makes sense. I thought deckhand at first just helping out all around, but then thinking about it, that's the most obvious conclusion.

Those are my primary thoughts to why I think that. One other thing I want to mention is Luffy's crew in number. It was said during the flashback he hopes he can find "At least 10 people" Does this mean, there are still 3 people left for the crew? Most usually add Luffy so a lot will say "The 11th crew member will/will not be" but the way that was worded is Luffy doesn't factor himself in which makes sense. So the Straw hat pirates would consist of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of 10 friends.

What do you think? Think that pick is possible? thoughts on next crew, or my wacky theory?
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