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Since we have two spots left (I have learned that Pyra/Mythra is in a "Pokemon Trainer" situation: they're numbered separately, but they're still technically just one character), I have high hopes for my biggest pick, Crash Bandicoot, but less hope for my other two big picks, Dr. Robotnik and Waluigi (and also a Hollow Knight Deluxe Mii Costume).

#056 Speed Factor
Who here managed to do 9.9 Classic with every character? Without tickets?

How the heck do you finish Little Mac's against those fucking hands?
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I have. It's been months since I did with the base game roster, but I do it each time a new DLC character comes out. With Little Mac, I'm going to guess I probably did Up-Smash on their wrists over and over because that's the lowest part of the hand. That's assuming it reaches, it's been so long I can't remember. Side-B and Up-B are strong attacks to use in the air too, be very careful with Up-B though. Also, try countering single hit attacks like when they punch or slap the ground. With multi-hit attacks like that spinning drill attack or the gun, it's probably not a good idea because the follow-up hits might hit you.
Maybe attempt it on a easier difficulty to get a feel for which of your attacks hit from the ground, and which of their attacks you can safely counter.
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