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@Beau Skunky
Well you have to be good with the character and stay alive for a long time.

And stalling our opponnets is what seems to be the key ot victory some times.
But if there is one character I hate it's ZSS.
Beau Skunky
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lol I like ZSS. Truthfully, I don't really hate any characters.

Some fans also spam characters with counter specials, but a good way to deal with them, is to grab/throw them, as they can't counter that, and using the counter too much leaves them open. Same works for those that spam stone Kirby.
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@Beau Skunky
Like I said I hate to face off against ZSS. I don't hate ZSS that much. This is coming from a Kirby's main perspective. It's hard to K.O. her, because most of ZSS moves are for her aerails. As Kirby main, it's hard to fight against her, this is why I hate The Boss spirit.

Link is possibly the best answer I have for her though. Because he has a better reach.
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I never thought I would thoroughly enjoy Min Min, yet here we are.

Of course, we should watch out for toxics/ trolls online.
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Okay Min Min let me see if I can play you online to get a win.

I beat all the spirits for Min Min the hardest one is well Max Brass.
After that I decided to listen to all the tracks.

I wonder if sakurai will eventually update other spirit fights like knuckles to have you fight the mii fighter with the correct costume instead of a random fighter.
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