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Then it's already ruined and will go out of business because the almighty internet said so and fans are more superior. I fear the day fans take over companies and become CEOs.

I'm starting to see the toxicity behind this shit and I wish I can make fans stop being crybabies.

Please kill me with a blue shell, please. I can't stand fanboy crybaby rage anymore
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Dude, I've longed for that wish but the fact that even I think some of Nintendo's recent choices have been very anti-consumer and they keep brushing us off every time we question the logic behind their choices, those longtime loyalists are eventually going to snap and just be done with Nintendo.
Hollowfox Jaeger
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Still the Worst
Do you want them to go out of business because the internet said so?

Do you think fanboy crybabies are superior?

I'm getting sick and tired of fanboy supremacy, destroying companies without seeing the good in them, acting like they're superior because companies have to like the fans or else face the wrath of criticism.

That's why I'm ashamed of liking Nintendo today, because of these crybabies who wants the company out of business because of their decisions.

Same with Disney, Hasbro, Netflix, Funimation, etc.
Hollowfox Jaeger
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Still the Worst
I'm sick and tired of people thinking that it's not going out of business when the company is under attack by crybabies who has a god complex of fanboy supremacy with their goddamn harsh criticism bullets. It's not just Nintendo, but also Disney and WWE as well.
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I don't, she's way too tall now so the name doesn't really work not to mention she looks out of place next to Dixie Kong who is clearly suppose to be the older one yet is smaller now.
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