Legend of Zelda Thread

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The moment I saw twilight princess trending on Twitter I was like oh god.
I guess it's more important for twilight princess and wind waker to receive their 2nd HD release before skyward sword gets it's first
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Personally I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword HD, it kinda gets a bit of a bad rap for it's motion controls but it's still a really good game and has all the elements that make for a great Zelda 3D adventure.

Breath of the Wild is cool and all but a bit too open ended for my taste and a lot of equipment to juggle around like in Skyrim which is kinda why I prefer games like Ocarina, Majora's, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.
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I swear, Wind Waker is jinxed.

"Oh, we'll make a Zelda for the GameCube!"
"Oh, we'll remake it for the Wii U!"

Watch this port do something crazy like brick everyone's console.
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