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Well, Zelda & Star Fox are made
bq="y some of the same people. We've had Mario character expies in Zelda before, so it's nice to see references to other games too.

Almost as bad as a Zelda game about The Wind Waker's Great Flood, Bleh. [/bq]

That was bad? I actually kinda liked that twist. and it really shows Windwaker isn't as "kiddy" as people initially assumed, and finding out the Great Sea is above the remains of the old Hyrule was actually just as incredible/amazing as it was a li'l sad. It kinda made Ganondorf a li'l more sympathetic, as you can kinda understand why he wanted to bring back the old Hyrule, as like the player, he misses it. (Though, unfortunately wants to rule it.)

Also, honestly not everything can or needs to have a happy ending, and sometimes a sad/bittersweet ending can be well done, or better then a typical happy one.
And frankly, there's more to a game then just it's ending sequence.
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