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I don't see GG2 happening. It was a thing because GGers tried to have an open dialog with gaming journalists and were continuously shut down. Even if you doubt the motives of the GGers, the fact that they tried to appear respectable is exactly what defined GG. I don't see anyone attempting to try this again.

Besides, the wider culture war is, in many ways, a much larger version of GG. A GG2 would have to have some defining characteristic to separate it from the culture war, and there have been some significant world events that have failed to do so, so I don't know what GG2 could even be.
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[screams in German]
Man, E3 was kinda disappointing. Take-Two went on to talk about toxicity in gaming culture and I'm like, "Please, I already get that from Twitter. Just show me the games.".

I shouldn't have to care 24/7. I'm not retarded.
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I forgot E3 even existed untill it reared its ugly head this year.

Some good Nintendo stuff, though nothing that interested me personally. Microsoft opened strong with starfield and fizzled out hard after.

Oh Microsoft, you're suppose to close with your strongest showing, not open with it. When they opened with starfield I thought we were gonna get an elder scrolls 6 trailer or gameplay reveal or something. What a letdown.
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@Scrabbleman @Terminal Red
E3 is pretty much as dead as the VGAs at this point. Most of is were shills for the typical viewpoints, even Arin going on about how "Toxic" gaming is and everyone's racist while anyone reminding him of his past sins were quickly banned.

There were some games that were interesting that were just made boring by Geoff Keighley and his celeb guest awkwardly trying to pretend they know what they're doing. Nintendo was really the only thing that had anything worth while that I didn't already know about.

Nothing on that Harry Potter game they made a big spectacle last year… Wonder if they silently canceled it to appease the mob, which never happens.
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It mostly has to do with their copyright laws. Something about if they just let people go unrestrained with the IP, they can lose it — unlike here where stuff like Superman to even Mikey Mouse where supposed to hit Public domain, but the companies in power abuse the system with loop-holes and retain their vice like grip on them.
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