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Look, a decent game can be ruined by a poorly written Story; it doesn't matter how good the gameplay is, how wonderful the music, or how great the graphics are, a poorly written story can ruin it.
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This is true. A game can be ruined by any aspect of it being handled sufficiently poorly. But, it depends more on how integral it is to the game as a whole than execution:

- A game with bad audio can be muted, unless sound cues are vital to the gameplay, or there are no subtitles for the story.

- A game with bad gameplay can have an easy mode that anyone can beat, but anything that has a realistic chance of failure is going to be a roadblock.

- A game with bad story is a problem if you need to pay attention to it to know what to do, or if choices in the setting result in poor visual designs.

- A game with bad visuals is usually hard to salvage. But, for instance, a game that has a party system, and there's a character with a horrible design, you can choose to not have them in your party.

- A game that is a sequel to something that doesn't have much to expand on is going to either be very limiting to what you can do, or will end up very different to its predecessor.

Generally speaking, the more important an aspect of the game is to the player, the more important it is to get that part right to appease them. But any part that integrates with other parts is going to have to be good, as well. A lot of games (that aren't things like visual novels) don't integrate their story to the gameplay at all beyond deciding what the game is going to be deigned to play like. In such games, cutscenes are the main way that a story can ruin the rest of the game. As long as the cutscenes are skippable, one can deal. Unless you want a good story in your games, in which case, nothing can save you.
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@Plain Pony
The Last of Us 2 falls into the story and sequel category.

No matter how decent the gameplay is, the awful story takes up about 70% of the game. Not to mention story moments are still found within the gameplay, so even if you skip the cutscenes, you still have to deal with the story (not to mention playing as Abby).
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No matter what; There was no way to make people sympathize with that ogre, especially with Druck-insert spitting on his corpse.

Just Some Guy and Jeremy on a livestream made a better, more coherent story just by shooting the shit.
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People said they loved Thundercats Roar.

And now none of them talk about that show ever again, not even asking when the next episode it out. There is such a thing as love out of spite.

And I've seen Abby's "story" and it's emotional manipulation to the 100th degree, and the fact entire plot is built on dumb decisions by the characters to the most unsatisfying conclusion…. There's a reason stores stopped allowing refunds and trade-ins of this specific title.
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@Penguin Dragneel I trust Grace Randolph big time, and the word in Hollywood/Orlando seems to be nobody actually wants to touch SW after what KK did to it, because they know that a bunch of time will need to be dumped into retconning and fixing that shit.
While on the opposite end, those who want to take over and would be good at it are not being given the chance (Jon & Filoni) because to hand it to them would be seen as admittance of wrongdoing/acknowledging the fandom was right
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