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But none of this matters when these people want you dead.

Aren't NFAC the ones who were marching in Louisville, Kentucky last week and got spooked by a backfiring car, or fireworks, or something, and started shooting each other? That demonstrates a total lack of that quality some of us call "ept."

Just saying. If someone's going to try to kill me, from my perspective, better it be someone who doesn't know which end of the tube the hot stuff comes out of. That boosts my odds of victory and survival. And that picture and their little blue-on-blue incident imply that we're in "ha ha ha oh wow" territory.
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7.62x39 may be plentiful, but 5.56 is currently scarcer than hens teeth. Hell, it's just now that I was able to find 9mm Luger in stock for a somewhat reasonable price online (and I'm grabbing it while I can).
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Well, this is the state of US right now. "Fascist white supremacist terrorists" and "Marxist black supremacist terrorists" are larping together in airsoft gear with meme patches. There also was a guy with a katana saying that katanas are "more personal".
Background Pony #7A9D
Not him, and not trying to turn this into /pol/, but the "Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo" meme and the Hawaiian-shirt-and-plate-carrier meme started on the Right*, in response to certain recent developments in Virginia.

And one of the things we are learning from current events is that the problem with having uniforms is that anyone can put one on and say all manner of bizarre things on camera.



I had a sensible chuckle.

*I don't use the term "conservative" to describe them, as they represent a movement that has come to the realization that the last century has shown that "conservatives" haven't conserved anything.

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@Background Pony #7A9D
Doesn't matter, they are libertarians. Not "fascists" at all.

I agree with the spoilered text, America First also cares about gun rights. Real conservatism would mean going back and repealing lots of gun laws. But libertarians don't care about conserving other aspects of America.
Background Pony #7A9D
Are there any opinions or experience here about low-temperature firearms lubricants?

Where I am, in spring and summer and early autumn, full synthetic 75W90 or 75W140 gear oil is perfect for things like semiauto .22 LR bolts. But when it goes below freezing, the oil turns into glue and impedes cycling until the gun warms up. Currently I'm getting ready to do an experiment this coming fall and winter comparing full synthetic 0W20 motor oil and Lucas "Extreme Duty Gun Oil" in low temperatures.

I know, LAW is probably better, but I've not seen any at gun shows around here in years, and now all the gun shows are cancelled until further notice (read: until we can recall or impeach Governor Karen) because of the Wubonic Plague. Does anyone here have any experience with this kind of thing? On the Internet I'm seeing all manner of "recipes," like kerosene or Kroil silicone oil mixed 50-50 with Dexron III transmission fluid, or three parts CLP to one part acetone to thin it and push down its freezing point. I've heard that Alaska state troopers have used Hoppe's #9 bore cleaning solvent as a low-temperature firearms lube, which is great if you're out in -60 Arctic weather for hours at a time, but above freezing it evaporates pretty quickly.
Background Pony #7A9D
Gun oils, despite advertising claims, have no special ingredients or formulations specific to firearms. The interior of an automobile engine is a much more demanding and extreme environment, in terms of mechanical wear, oxidation, and chemical breakdown of lubricants.

They can get away with a lot of stuff with firearms lubricants that would be non-starters in the automotive world. Like "Fireclean" brand CLP, which turned out to be vegetable oil. Like "Froglube," which turned out to be coconut oil plus food coloring plus oil of wintergreen. Between that and the fact that I can get a quart of big box store brand full synthetic motor oil or gear oil for less than the cost of a 2oz bottle of CLP, I figured it was worth trying. Likewise, synthetic wheel bearing grease of the kind you can get in big plastic tubs for under $5 is outstanding on slide rails, and as a general purpose lubricant on older firearm designs like 1911s or Garands. Even cheap light-duty white lithium grease is fine in these applications, and even used to be recommended for stainless steel firearms back in the 1980s. The only place they might be lacking is suitability to extreme cold weather.

Low temperature synthetic greases are tricky and expensive. Lithium, calcium, and aluminum stearates are cheap and perfectly okay for normal temperatures, and extremely heat resistant, but the gels they form with oil become too thick and sticky and their thixotropic lubrication properties are lessened in extreme cold. The best thickening agents we have for low temperature is things like calcium sulfonate or calcium tosylate, which is expensive, and the gel it forms with oil begins to melt at only a bit above the boiling point of water, where even cheap lithium based grease keeps on working up to the melting point of lead, or higher. The most suitable synthetic lubricant oils we have are things like low molecular weight, short-chain polyalphaolefins of the sort used for low-viscosity, low-temp synthetic motor oils. There are low temp synthetic greases made to this exact recipe, often with molybdenum disulfide added to boost load carrying capacity in extreme high pressure applications. The recipe is known and lots of companies make low-temp grease answering this description. And they're all expensive, and their sensitivity to heat makes them ill-suited to general year-round use.
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