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I wonder how much is that battle tuna different from the G36?

The power of anime aside, that doesn't look like a good idea. It's harder to use for untrained people (aiming a handgun requires training) and more likely to malfunction than a pepper spray. A single shot only delivers a little of the irritating agent. And it looks like a gun, which means that the bad guy might think you are about to shoot him. Often this will result in him running away, but it might also result in him thinking he's fighting for life and going apeshit on you. Which you can't stop because you have a gun-shaped object, not a gun.

Other products of this company seem to be similarly questionable. WTF is a bullet resistant backpack? And it's level IIIA, so it's rated for most handgun rounds. This makes sense as most mass shootings are done with handguns, but I'm sure the buyers imagine rifles when they buy it.
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